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Rice Tea is an Oolong tea leaves are used to massage Japanese rice and give the tea its characteristic scent. We use freshly graded fresh tea leaves from Thailand's northern hills, more than 1,100 meters above sea level. These leaves are expertly crafted to produce a rich, creamy, smooth flavor that is easy to consume. Drinking oolong tea helps to neutralize free radicals, reduce aging, nourish the skin, and protect against heart disease.

Tea Leaf Characteristics:

  1. Carefully selected Oolong tea leaves, meticulously massaged with Japanese rice leaves to create a tea with a distinct aroma. The taste is smooth, mellow, and easy to drink, making it suitable for beginners in tea drinking.

  2. Versatile for brewing various types of beverages, both hot and cold. It can be used for making clear tea, fresh tea, milk tea, and fruit tea, such as Jasmine tea (clear tea), Jasmine milk tea, and many other recipes.

  3. Antioxidant properties.

  4. Nourishes the skin and helps slow down aging.

  5. Helps reduce the risk of cancer.

  6. Popularly consumed with sweets during afternoon tea.

Recommended Menu:

  1. Jasmine Tea 
  2. Jasmine Milk Tea with Honey
  3. Jasmine Green Tea Latte

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